Celebrate Your Donors

The top 10 ways your donors are like friends (and why you should treat them the same)

There are a lot of similarities between donor relationships and friendships and while they might seem obvious, reminding yourself of them is an effective starting point for reviewing or developing your donor development strategy.  Here are the top ten reasons you should celebrate your donor relationships and treat them like you would a friendship..

  1. Being able to help you makes them feel good.
  2. They like to keep up to date with your news.
  3. Knowing that you are always open and honest with them helps them to trust you.
  4. You get more out of having a small group
    of loyal ones.
  5. They look forward to celebrating special milestones with you.
  6. When they don’t hear from you, they think you
    don’t care.
  7. The longer you have known them the more you can ask of them.
  8. The ones you have now are the best people to help you find news ones.
  9. It is natural for them to come in & out of your life as each of your priorities & focus changes.
  10. Taking them for granted is the fastest way
    to lose them.

All relationships take work, whether you are talking about friendships, donor relationships or working relationships. While it can be difficult to devote the time to nurturing donor relationships when your resources are stretched, don’t underestimate the benefits to be gained. A greater focus on donor engagement will have a noticeable impact on donor retention rates and ultimately you bottom line.

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