Capture the Anzac Spirit

Anzac Day gives us all an opportunity to reflect on the Australian experience of war and the impact it has had on our society. Despite the passing of our last Anzac more than a decade ago, public interest in Anzac Day is stronger than ever. Around the country participation in Anzac Day activities and events is steadily rising, speaking to a community of people that yearns to connect with our history and our cultural identity.

As fundraisers, perhaps we need to make more of an effort to reflect on the Australian experience of philanthropy and how it impacts giving today. The history of our country is very different to that of England and the United States of America, yet we have traditionally followed similar approaches to fundraising. Could we promote higher rates of giving by developing an approach that embodies the Australian spirit and taps into our unique cultural identity?

A good place to start could be the sharing of stories that demonstrate both the Australian spirit and the good work of your organisation – stories that emphasise mateship, courage, having a go and the land of opportunity in which we live. Storytelling is a powerful way to simultaneously inspire and educate your supporters. It can make the complex simple and help you to more effectively engage people with your cause.

For more Anzac Day inspiration look at how Anzac history is now being recorded and stored. The Australian War Memorial is currently in the midst of creating a comprehensive digital archive documenting the service and sacrifice of the Anzacs. Moving into the technical age will ensure the deeds of servicemen, nurses and civilians will be digitally preserved to educate the future generations.   Does your organisation have a strategy for recording, storing and preserving important information?  How can you use digital technology to support your purpose and vision?

Lastly, try to capture the Anzac spirit by showing bravery and courage in your approach to fundraising.  As we recently discussed in the blog “Don’t Get Left Behind” a fear of risk-taking can limit growth and stop organisations from reaching their full potential. Think about the ways you can be more courageous when creating and executing all areas of Annual Fundraising including direct mail, planned giving, online giving, events, grant-seeking and corporate engagement.

If you have been infused with the Anzac spirit and are ready to bravely face a new challenge in your fundraising, call OKP for support and guidance. We can provide the guidance, support and resources you need to succeed. For more information please call on 1300 721 799 or send an email to

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