Capital campaigns are campaigns with attitude!

They turn dreams into reality and enable you to raise serious money.
Looking to take the plunge? Four frequently asked questions follow


Q.How is a capital campaign different to a major gift program?
A.Capital Campaigns have firm deadlines and a specific purpose; a dedicated belief in the value of ‘in-person’ presentation and asks donors to be extra generous. Generally, we are talking six, seven, eight-figure goals: often for building or ‘capital works’ but it may also be for other purposes such as to establish an endowment fund, to underpin future growth, fund scholarships or to fund a community program.
Q.Do capital campaigns benefit from leadership involvement?
A.Absolutely…yes!However, not all campaigns have access to volunteer leadership to help drive the process forward. For many organisations, recruiting volunteer leaders forms part of the establishment phase of the campaign. The debatable question is…can you conduct a capital campaign without leadership involvement?Sure you can, there are many successful examples.
Q.What makes a capital campaign successful?
A.Creating a successful capital campaign is rather like cooking a winning dish on Masterchef… where a unique blend of quality ingredients, combined with the passion to produce something irresistible!
6 winning ingredients follow
Q.Is there anything we need to do before embarking on a campaign?
A.We recommend conducting a scoping exercise (aka Feasibility Study) before launching a significant campaign. Take 4 to 8 weeks to examine your campaign goals, organisational capacity, risks, key environmental factors and actively consult current supporters, prospective donors, committee members, patrons and other influencers. Insights and learnings will help you design a campaign that minimises wasted resources and maximises contributions.


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