BRW Richest Families List – Not Just For Prospecting

The 2015 BRW Rich Families List does much more than let us know which Australian families have the most wealth. So avoid the temptation to simply add the names you read to your prospect list and find some deeper meaning in this year’s Rich Families list.

You can find the BRW Richest Families list here

Reading the stories of the families on the list highlights the power of a clear vision and building from the ground up. Many of the families began their wealth with a backyard project or through meeting a community need. Number #1 on the list The Smorgan Family began by opening a butchery in Carlton in 1927. The Smorgan family now invest in a diverse range of industries that we rely on including biodiesel, tuna and infant milk formula. They are also very generous philanthropists supporting a wide range of causes including the arts, culture, health and medical research.

In fact, most of the families on the list have an interest in philanthropic endeavours. You will recognise their names from your donor lists or apply to their foundations for support. These families are playing a very important role in building a culture of philanthropy in Australia. They not only inspire others to give, they are passing on their joy of giving to their children. If you read our recent blog Big Little Givers you will know how vital family involvement in philanthropy is when it comes to creating new generations of donors. We should be encouraging all our donors, large and small, to share their philanthropic activities with their families and be role models for the next generation of donors.

Finally, the BRW Rich Families list is a timely reminder of the incredible wealth that exists in Australia. The opportunity exists to attract significantly support for your cause, you just need to get in the game. According to the last Giving Trends study, almost 30% of organisations surveyed did not have an active major gift program. That is an awful lot of charities, not-for-profits, educational and health institutions missing out on support that could help them achieve their goals faster. If you are yet to experience the benefits of major gifts, why not take our Think Big Challenge and find out how simple it can be to step it up in the major gift space.

While the BRW publications have a place in prospect identification and research, anyone named on a BRW rich list is going to be inundated with donation and funding requests. It is usually best to start close to home and find people already connected to your organisation with the capacity and propensity to give.

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