Accelerate Your End of Year Appeal

We’re now in the fourth quarter of 2018 and it is crunch time for those involved in direct mail fundraising. Whether you have an appeal in the pipeline or need some inspiration to get started, our appeal accelerating tips will help you maximise the success of your end of year fundraising.

  1. Have a compelling case for support: While having a documented case for support is always a good idea, it is absolutely critical to end of year fundraising success. At the end of year charitable competition is intense and you will need to work harder to convince prospective donors to choose you about the many others vying for their funds. You are also likely to be approaching donors who have already given to you organisation throughout the year, so will need a compelling reason for them to extend their support.
  2. Segment Your List: Treating your prospects as one big group may seem like a simple and easy approach, it is a risky one that could lead to missed opportunities. You’ll achieve much better results if you segment your prospect pool and target each segment with a tailored message and customised ask that acknowledges their relationship to your organisation and prescribes a course of action in line with that relationship.
  3. Integrate with online and social media: The days of direct mail appeals happening in isolation are long gone. To be truly effective in today’s giving environment, fundraising organisations must take an integrated approach to direct mail that incorporates social media and online giving. Integrated fundraising will enable you to leverage all available avenues of communication to reach and engage prospective donors.
  4. Do something different: It has been said that the definition of insanity is doing the same things and expecting different results. In order to grow appeal income, you need to mix things up and try something new.  At OKP we recommend choosing one idea or testing one donor segment so that you can easily analyse the impact of the change you make. Sometimes something as simple as a change in the design or formal of your appeal letter can be enough to make your appeal stand out to prospective donors.
  5. Add a visual element: A few black-and-white text paragraphs is not very inspiring. To really draw a reader in and help create a connection with your cause, you should consider adding some visual elements to your appeal. A photo or video complementing your story can be much more powerful than text alone.Show your donors exactly what your organisation has done or what it intends to do.
  6. Follow through:The end of your end of year appeal should not be the end. It is important that you take the time to review and analyse the performance of your appeal and determine how this will impact your approach to future appeals.  It is also important that you consider how you will retain the donors acquired or engaged through your end of year appeal.  A thank-you letter with a donation receipt is not going to cut it, you need to find genuine and ongoing avenues to communicate with donors and keep rekindling the feel-good factor they first felt with their initial gift.

Over the years OKP Philanthropy & Marketing have been behind many successful direct mail campaigns.  Unlike some larger agencies who have a formulaic approach direct mail, OKP work closely with our clients to develop campaigns tailored to the specific needs of each organisation and its donors.  We don’t just design and execute entire campaigns, we also offer services to support existing direct mail programs such as copywriting, appeal analysis and brief preparation. If you need help with your direct mail program, please contact us on 1300 721 199.

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