6 services for $6k or less

Tapping into OKP’s expertise won’t break the bank

Working with OKP Philanthropy & Marketing can be a very cost-effective way for organisations with limited budgets to access some of fundraising and marketing’s brightest minds.  We bring a high level of experience, knowledge and insight to the table, giving a valuable boost to your efforts and a noticeable return on your investment.

Just $6K will help you get ahead during the Coronavirus Crisis

You may be surprised to learn that there are a wide range of customised solutions we can provide for an investment of $6,000 or less.  Below you will find just six ideas of small projects we could undertake with you to help advance your fundraising and engagement efforts.rendered (2)Please get in touch to find out more or discuss your specific requirements.  We are happy to work to any budget and develop a project that will deliver maximum bang for your buck.

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