Combat Fundraising Paralysis

Conversations with clients and industry colleagues in recent weeks has revealed a general feeling of paralysis.  Uncertainty and upheaval in the fundraising environment has them questioning their strategies, approach and future direction.

OKP Philanthropy & Marketing knows how to find the best way forward
and have complete confidence in the path you have chosen.

The Fundraising Audit & Review is one of OKP’s most popular and valuable services, with the greatest potential for positive impact on fundraising success.   It offers a strategic process of evaluation designed to enhance organisational performance and identify opportunities for growth. It comprises a thorough, independent and expert review of your success, challenges and current environment, while taking into account the organisation’s unique values, budget, available resources, market position, past achievements and future objectives.

Experience, knowledge and honest evaluation are a magic combination with the power to
expand horizons, drive innovation and unlock hidden potential.

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