5 Clever Ways to Thank Your Donors

Not all ways of thanking donors were created equal. Why not ditch the template letter in favour of a feel-good alternative that will set you apart from the competition.

1. Get your beneficiaries to do the thanking
A thank you letter from a person who has benefited from past donations will amp up the feel-good factor for your donors and help demonstrate the value of their support. Including photos will make the thank-you even more powerful.

2. Make it truly personal
Nothing says “I want to thank you personally” better than a personal hand-written note or greeting-card. Your message does not need to be long – just warm, genuine and personal. If you do not have the resources to send personal notes to all your donors, segment your thank you list and send to a selection of your supporters. You may also want to consider enlisting the help of volunteers to write the notes.

3. Say “thank you” on Social Media.
When collecting donor information, ask for their social media handles (eg @JohnJSmith) so you can post to say “thank you.” This is a quick and free way to engage your younger donors, while helping to grow your profile and build a reputation as an organisation that genuinely appreciates its supporters.

4. Pick up the phone
Make the time to call donors and thank them personally – it will be well worth the effort. According to the study the Donor Centred Fundraising study, donors who received a thank you phone call from a board member gave 39% more the next time they were solicited. After 14 months, those called were giving 42% more. Just as with hand-written notes, this is something you can do for a select group of donors or a task you can get trained volunteers to do.

5. Host a “Thank You” event
Hosting a thank you event will give you the opportunity to thank your donors in person and further engage them in your work. The event does not need to be elaborate or expensive. It could be someone as simple as a tour of your premises/facilities, a morning tea or a lecture. Even the people who do not attend will be happy to be asked.

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