4 Ways to Beat the Winter Chill

Winter Fundraising Ideas

Dark, cold, Winter days are not exactly inspiring but it is possible to beat the Winter chill with these warming fundraising ideas.

Generate some warm and fuzzies
The Winter months are the perfect time to contact your donors and let them know how much they mean to your cause.  You may wish to share some upcoming news, report back on your previous campaign or simply say “thanks for your support”.  Rather than send a letter or email, why not dedicate a day to phoning a selection of donors and making a personal connection with them.   Talking with a donor about their support is guaranteed to leave you both of you feeling warm and fuzzy.

Find out why your donors love you
Even the grayest day is made brighter by knowing we are loved, so how about conducting a donor survey to find out what donors love about your organisation.  With numerous easy to use online tools available, surveying your supporters has never been easier.  With just a few simple questions you can help uncover donor motivations or find out what you can do better.  This information is gold that will help you better communicate with your supporters and maybe even tap into new donor markets.

Start planning for Summer
Day-dreaming about Summer activities, or planning a holiday somewhere warm, seems to make Winter easier to endure.  Starting work on your end-of-year appeal can have the same effect.  Spending more time preparing your appeal will allow you to carefully consider your strategy, explore new ways of engaging supporters and maximise opportunities for success.

Add some sizzle to your story telling
Adding some sizzle to your storytelling will not only warm the hearts of your donors, it will also help advance your fundraising efforts.  Stories inspire donors about what is possible and motivate them to give, making storytelling one of the most effective ways you can engage donors and strengthen their connection to your cause.

At OKP Philanthropy & Marketing we see many organisations waste valuable time, money and effort building momentum after a mid-year slump.  Those organisations who can maintain momentum experience higher levels of donor engagement and ultimately end up in a stronger position at the end of the year.

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