4 P’s of Pandemic Protection

How to Ensure Your NFP Survives Covid-19


Perspective: Don’t be swayed by media spin on the impact of Covid-19.  Take the time to do your own research and assessment.  Talk to your industry colleagues, donors and OKP to get a clearer picture of the fundraising environment and closely look at your data to pinpoint which programs or donor segments are responsible for decreased in fundraising income (that is if there is any – some fundraisers are reporting growth).

Planning: There may be a giant Covid-19 shaped spanner in the works, but it does not necessarily mean a complete change in plans.  If your vision is compelling and your strategy sound, stick with it and adjust your activities or timing to fit within current restrictions.  For those who need to put a plan in place, we urge you to look beyond the current crisis and base your plan on fundraising fundamentals and proven strategies.

Priorities: A scatter-gun approach only leads to confusion, frustration and wasted resources.  It is essential at this time to prioritise your fundraising and communication activities and channel efforts into the areas that are most likely to deliver a healthy return.

People: The success of any fundraising program, regardless of the climate, will always rest on people – both the people who ask and the people who give.  While for most of us, ensuring donors feel valued is a no-brainer, we are not always so attentive to our team.  In challenging times, we must work even harder to build up the people around us and keep morale high.  Go the extra mile to show your team or colleagues how much you appreciate their hard work and commitment.             

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