4 good reasons to proceed with an appeal

While usually the primary objective, fundraising income is not the only reason to proceed with an appeal.  There are several secondary objectives, that you should consider when deciding whether to forge ahead with an end of year appeal this year.

To keep your organisation top of mind

Even if you do not achieve your usual level of support, proceeding with an appeal will help keep your organisation fresh in the minds of donors and the wider community.  It will allow you to continue building your profile and reputation as an organisation that makes a valuable contribution.

To give people a chance to feel good

In challenging times, helping others gives a sense of purpose and control.  Acts of generosity, no matter how small, make us feel good an provide positive, empowering, and heart-warming experiences that are a distraction from the difficulties we face.

To reinforce the importance of your cause

Proceeding with an appeal helps show donors, and beneficiaries too, that your cause is important and worthy of support.

To highlight your most valuable donors

The people that continue to give at this time are likely to be highly engaged and connected to your cause, have the financial capacity to give, or both.  These are the people you should be focussing your donor development efforts on in an effort to develop stronger, more productive relationships.


Are you still tossing up whether to proceed with an end of year appeal?

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