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20 Reasons Clients Call OKP

It occurred to me recently that some organisations view OKP Philanthropy & Marketing as the fundraising equivalent of a doctor Рsomeone they call when there is a problem that needs to be diagnosed or treated.  But in reality, our consulting firm is more like a doctor, personal trainer, life coach, and wellness expert all rolled in to one.

We work with clients at all points in their journeys and help them get to reach their goals faster and more effectively.   Empowering organisation to overcome their challenges is just part of what we do. In many cases, our involvement is more proactive and focused on making our clients stronger, more successful, and ready to embrace the opportunities in front of them.

While almost every charity, not for profit, hospital, educational institution and community organisation stands to benefit from a partnership with OKP Philanthropy & Marketing, there are certain situations where organisations have the most to gain from getting in touch.  Below we have compiled a list of the most common reasons clients have given for getting in touch with us.

They needed strategic direction

  1. Their organisation was not always following its fundraising and/or marketing plan
  2. Their organisation was considering or approaching a major expansion, merger or restructure.
  3. Their strategy and approach has not changed in a considerable length of time.
  4. Changes had been made but not evaluated.
  5. Everyone in the organisation was not on different pages.

Challenges were mounting

  1. Newly acquired donors were not becoming repeat givers.
  2. More than 60% of their income came from one fundraising program.
  3. Their annual income had stabilised or declined.
  4. Their latest campaign or appeal failed to reach target.
  5. They needed to increase income and reduce overhead costs.

Their team needed attention

  1. There was high turnover in their fundraising staff.
  2. They had to re-advertise fundraising or marketing positions.
  3. There was a key member of staff going on parental or long service leave.
  4. There was a skill or knowledge gap in the fundraising or marketing teams.
  5. Their team needed inspiration and education.

Opportunity awaited

  1. They were receiving unsolicited bequests.
  2. They had not yet actively promoted online giving.
  3. There was increased public interest in their cause.
  4. They had an exciting project or vision to bring to life.
  5. Their income was growing but they did not know why.

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