Why I’m Crazy for Ellen DeGeneres

I am buzzing today at the thought of Ellen DeGeneres gracing our shores.

While I sometimes one of the 3 million viewers watching her top rating TV show and was a fan of her Emmy-winning sitcoms, what I really admire is her philanthropy.

Degeneres or DeGenerous as I like to call her, is well known for campaigning on a vast array of issues and support of impressive array of causes including:

  • Animal welfare
  • Education
  • Human Rights
  • Malaria eradication
  • Medical research
  • School music programs

For a list of the charities she supports visit looktothestars.org

More recently she campaigned for a lowered ‘rating’ for the film Bully (being launched in March). She said the film, “was an important picture for everyone to see” Last week more than 1,400 schools across Australia registered for the National Day of Action Against Bullying and Violence (Friday 15 March 2013). This day provides a focus for schools who want to say Bullying. No Way! A much needed initiative, which is lead by Australian education authorities through the Safe and Supportive School Communities Project.

Ellen is also an inspiration in terms of her ability to inspire her followers and create trends. According to Forbes, “Degeneres, 54, doesn’t just report on the trends she’s at the forefront of them.”

Have you ever considered that to the supporters of your cause, you are their Ellen? They are waiting for you to inspire and engage them, to create trends that they can follow and get involved in.

So why not think of something you can do today to mobilize your supporters and create some of your own buzz and excitement!

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