Top 5: Digital Fundraising

It has been forecast with the establishment of the National Broadband Network, Australia will rank in the top 5 of the world highest broadband users by the year 2020. Digital strategy is going to be vital for not-for-profit organisations as they work, connect and collaborate in the future.

The continued rise of ‘digital fundraising’ is an exciting advancement that allows not-for-profits to be more donor-centric than ever before.

Here are our top 5 basics tips:


Be findable:Promote your web address widely and ensure your organisation ranks highly in searches of its name.


Be interesting:Interest is the currency of the internet so always apply the “would I pass this on” test.


Communicate impact:Utilise statistics, images, infographics and video case studies to show that organisation is both credible, capable  and progressive.


Enable immediate action:It’s vital that people can respond online with minimal steps and that you offer softer actions like volunteering or newsletter sign up.


Build relationships:Give people reasons to revisit your website, prompting them with new content, newsletters and social media updates.

May 2013

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