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When designing a Capital Campaign or Major Gift initiative, our clients often ask about when they can expect to see results. This questions is a bit like asking “how long is a piece of string?”

Unlike direct response initiatives (eg direct mail or online appeals) where the flow of donations over a short time-frame is relatively simple to predict, determining the timing of income for a Capital Campaign or Major Gift initiative, is very complex and influenced by a number of variables.

However, after many years in the business creating campaigns and refining strategies, we have started to get a better picture of how strategy influences the timing of donations & pledges. Recently we examined a number of major campaigns conducted by OKP and created income charts showing the flow of donations across the life of the campaigns. We looked at different aspects of strategy including resourcing and prospecting intensity to create the series of graphical “case studies”. Download report.

While it is impossible to predict with any certainty when campaign income will be received, having a method of prediction does assist in the planning of your project and can in some cases allow you to proceed before the end of the campaign and create further opportunities for engagement.

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