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Finding the right person for a role is challenging in any sector. Unfortunately, it is especially challenging in the NFP sector to find people with the right talent, expertise and experience. Fundraising roles can be particularly challenging because some fundraising professionals are less willing to take a hands on role when it comes to canvassing support.

Don’t get left behind trying to make it work. How can OKP lighten your load? Here are 4 simple solutions.

  1. We can assume responsibility for key programs whilst you concentrate on finding a suitable candidate to fill the vacant position.This option means that
    our fundraising program can continue to advance, even in the gap between long-term staff. With your fundraising under control, you can focus on finding the right new staff member.
  2. We can work alongside you to ‘head hunt’ a suitable candidate Depending on your needs, we can develop a targeted online and print advertising campaign to “cast a wide net” to ensure the widest possible candidate pool is accessed from a range of sectors. We can also develop systems to network through our extensive list of contacts to personally canvass potential candidates to encourage their participation in the process.  Networking is one of the critical differences in our approach.
  3. Over the past 10 years we have seconded personnel to fulfill fundraising marketing and communication roles on an annual basis Under this arrangement, our assigned personnel operate under your leadership and brand. This gives you the convenience of having the staff member based at your office, with the added advantage of support from the OKP team.
  4. You can outsource components of your fundraising marketing and communication functions to OKPThere is a growing trend for community organisations around the globe are outsourcing key parts of their operations at a rapid rate – including database marketing, prospect research, major gifts and capital campaigns. By outsourcing your workload you can give your fundraising program the focus it needs to grow your cause and your organisation.  Through outsourcing elements of your business operation you call upon experts to assume a level of responsibility and action on your behalf.Now we appreciate the word ‘outsourcing’ doesn’t sit well with all! For us, outsourcing is more like a partnership – a joint venture between our team and client.  We work ‘hand in glove’ however the overall program is led, coordinated and monitored by our assigned personnel.

Found this interesting? Well, feel free to give us a call on 1300 721 799. Sally Giles or Julie Johnson would be happy to talk through some options with you. We are only a phone call away!

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