No Makeup Selfie Craze

No makeup selfies….fundraising genius or a social media failure?

I have been watching with interest over the past week as the “no makeup selfie” craze has gone viral.The social media campaign, claiming to raise money and awareness for women’s cancer, has seen soaring numbers of women posting pictures of themselves wearing no makeup on social media sites and nominating their friends to do the same.

While many have enthusiastically embraced the campaign, many have publicly criticized it for being irrelevant, ineffective and narcissistic. So, is the “no makeup selfie” craze fundraising genius or a social media failure?

Well I guess it depends on how you look at it.  The “no makeup selfie” campaign has been impacted by the Chinese whisper effect.  Very few people know who started it and it is no longer clear that donations are being sought and who they should be directed to.  But regardless, the impact of the craze has been enormous.  Cancer charities around the world are reporting a huge surge in donations.

Those who have actively jumped on board are achieving astounding results.  Last week Cancer Research UK began to ask users to add a donation request and text code to their posts and the donations came flooding in.  They have raised over $14million dollars in the last week.

However, despite the financial benefit for cancer charities, questions over whether it is appropriate or relevant to link the “bravery” of appearing without makeup to the very different challenge of fighting cancer, has sparked fierce debates online.  Some may call this a failure if the campaign, but again I only see this as a positive.  More talk (positive or negative), leads to greater awareness and can help charities learn more about people’s attitudes to their cause.

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