Major gifts refresher

One of the greatest challenges for Not for Profit (NFPs) organisations today is the urgent and ongoing need to maintain, increase and widen their supporter base.

As you consider your options going forward, reflect on traditional and contemporary options available.  It may be time to consider one of the oldest, yet most successful (if done right) tools in the book – major gifts – a structured stewardship program.

So what makes a good major gifts campaign?  And, what motivates an individual to respond to one organisation over another? There is no one reason.  Program strategy, the case for support (the offer), timing, the urgency of the project requiring funding, resourcing, forward planning and external factors all have some degree of impact on the success of a campaign.  Most of all prospective supporters giving habits, interest and motivations shape any appeals success.

6 Major Gift refresher points follow:

  •  Write down your objectives first
  •  Prepare a case for support which is urgent and compelling but most importantly inspire leadership interest
  • Identify, research, qualify and prioritise a list of prospective supporters
  • Develop simple and effective communication devices
  • Time the campaign activities well  – build interest, create hype, and schedule activities to help facilitate decisions
  • Resource the program with expertise, ‘know how’ & energy

Major gifts will increase your database and generate new income as well as compliment your existing donor development activities, such as direct mail, events, bequests and so on.


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