Like a kiss!

KISS…Keep It Seriously Simple!

 You know the importance of social media in today’s world or you wouldn’t be reading this. From Facebook to Twitter, Instagram to PinInterest , LinkedIn to MySpace to retain that competitive edge, forward thinking companies need a social strategy to stay engaged with the market.

So then, what’s next – how do you connect your social strategy to your fundraising strategy?

Through a good story and a well placed question, you too will connect with your audience.

You need to tweet, post and blog and you will engage with your existing constituents whilst attracting a new audience, at the same time. The simple basics from storytelling to saying thank you are often all that is needed to inspire your audience to get further involved.

So are you using the modern social communication landscape to better your fundraising endeavours?

With over 25 years of innovative fundraising we know and understand the essence of a plan and the steps to take to ensure it is successful.

Call, email or tweet the OKP team to discuss the tactics of your forthcoming campaign. Integrating traditional, proven and modern day platforms and strategic is advantageous from all perspective.

We offer a broad range of services, here is an overview.

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