How often do we see on a vacant lot, a billboard proudly proclaiming: “On this spot, we will build…”

How often does a club or association pass a resolution, greeted with enthusiasm and backed by all:

“We resolve to…’”

…and nothing happens.

Months and even years pass, the sign is faded and overgrown with weeds. The resolution remains on the books, unresolved and unachieved.

What is missing? Leadership


When we are looking for campaign leadership, what are we really looking for?

Look to the task. Certainly we want a person whose community standing and reputation is beyond reproach. We also want a person who is a believer –she or he really believes in the cause and will promote it from the heart.

Finally, we must recognise that a leader must lead! One who achieves on their own is a performer. One who leads others to share in that achievement is a leader.

In the words of the 5th century BC Chinese philosopher and warrior; Lao Tse: “A leader is best when we scarce know he exists…of a good leader, when his work is done, his aim fulfilled, they will all say: ‘We did this ourselves!’”

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