Getting big $’s

How to Get a Game-Changing Donation

At OKP we get very excited about helping organisations access serious, game-changing, money. Why take slow and steady steps towards achieving your vision, when you can take a giant leap?

While sourcing, securing and nurturing significant funding isn’t easy, it is achievable for anyone willing to put the time and effort into developing a strategic plan. As Winston Churchill is often quoted as saying “failing to plan is planning to fail”.

A carefully considered plan is an essential first step in any new venture. It will ensure you have clearly defined your objectives, considered barriers to success, researched your target audience, created a realistic budget and plan of attack. But most importantly a strategic plan will allow you to focus your limited time and resources where they will be of most benefit.

While it is possible to create a strategic plan in-house, a third party like OKP can bring a valuable outside perspective to the planning process. Our clients benefit from our experience and thorough knowledge of the giving environment, best practice and industry trends. We pride ourselves on plans that are tailored, easy to follow and sustainable, providing a road map to success. Developing a plan for attracting those game changing donations requires particularly specialised skill and experience in setting a financial vision, developing a resource plan, effectively engaging prospective donors and keeping your solicitation team focused and on track.

Whether you create a plan in house, or not, the most important step in the strategic planning process is to follow the plan through to the end. A good plan will be kept on the desk and not in the draw. It should be constantly referred back to and adapted if necessary when circumstances change.

Lastly, investing in a plan that sets out incremental milestones and inspires greatness is a valuable motivational tool that will show your entire team, how your goals and vision are within reach.

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