Happy Financial New Year!

Happy Financial New Year!

The beginning of a new year is always worth celebrating. It’s the perfect opportunity to revel in your success and put your failures behind you, to make positive changes and recommit to your most important goals.

We mark the beginning of a new calendar year with resolutions for our personal-life, so why not begin the new financial year with resolutions for our work-life?

A study by the Journal of Clinical Psychology revealed that people who explicitly make resolutions are 10 times more likely to attain their goals than people who don’t. So, as we welcome the 2014/15 Financial Year, why not think about the resolutions you could make for the benefit of your not for profit or educational institution?

Here is our Top 5 list of resolutions for workers in the not for profit and education sectors, along with some reading to help put you on the right track for each resolution ….

  1. “I resolve to be more transparent with our donors”
    Read Mastering the Art of Authenticity
  2. “I resolve to stop wasting time”
    Read 5 Tips
  3. “I resolve to make more personal approaches”
    Read Face the Fear of Asking
  4. “I resolve to embrace charitable competition”
    Read Bring it On
  5. “I resolve to focus on planning and preparation”
    Read Why Conduct a Feasibility Study

If you are feeling a little lost heading into the new financial year and don’t know where to focus your attention, it might be worth giving us a call on 1300 721 199. Julie Johnson and Sally Giles are always happy to provide a sounding board (and perhaps a solution) for your most pressing problems.

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