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Three valuable things our Winter Olympians can teach you about fundraising

I absolutely love the Winter Olympics.
There is something magical about all that snow
and the ability of people to perform super-human feats in sub-zero temperatures.I also find them very inspiring and can’t help but think as I watch the 2014 Sochi Games, that there are some valuable things fundraisers could learn from this wonderful sporting event.

GOLD – You can succeed against the odds

Coming from a country with limited snow and ice, the Australian Winter Olympic Team has the odds stacked firmly against them. But rather than deter them, it seems to spur our Winter Olympians on. They know that victory will be even sweeter when they prove the naysayers wrong and eclipse those who have had more opportunities to succeed. The take-away here for non-profits is that no challenge is insurmountable if you have the passion and drive to succeed. You may need to work harder than your competition, but your achievements will be more inspiring for your organisation and the people who support you.

SILVER New opportunities can be found outside the box

Former Olympic hurdler, Jana Pittman is living proof that exciting opportunities exist for those willing to think outside the box. Her goal was to become the first female athlete to compete at both the Summer and Winter Olympics and so she looked for a winter sport that utilised her unique skills.  Her talent for running fast and jumping was perfect for bobsled and she has achieved her goal of competing in the Sochi Winter Olympics.  When looking for new fundraising opportunities, you need to, like Jana, carefully examine the skills in your team and consider how else these skills could be applied.  For example, having someone on your team with a very engaging phone manner could present the opportunity to develop a personal solicitation program.

BRONZE – Going down-hill gives you the power to fly

Watching the aerial skiing, snowboard half-pipe and ski jumping is a wonderful reminder that going down is what creates the momentum needed to fly.  Similarly in fundraising, we sometimes need to fail before we can succeed. Failure is like feedback it is shows us what isn’t working and points us in a different direction. The process of learning from our mistakes is truly invaluable, and is something we need to embrace, not run away from.

If the Sochi Winter Olympics have left you feeling similarly inspired, I would love the opportunity to talk with you about how OKP can help you go for gold.

Having OKP on your team is like having a high performance sports coach.  We motivate and inspire you while building your capacity to achieve your objectives.

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Talk soon, Julie Johnson

PS: The pic below is my recent bob sledge attempt, January 2014


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