Forecasting the year of Engagement!

End of Year Wrap-Up

OKPs prediction for the year ahead is that 2014 will be the “Year of “Engagement”.

As we approach the end of the year, it is only natural that we look back on where we have come from and look forward to where we are going.

When we review the work we have done with our clients this year, there is a clear theme that emerges, one of “positioning”. We have been helping organisations to position themselves for growth, optimising their existing programs, and getting the right tools and systems in place. We have reiterated the importance of preparation and planning when it comes to building a sustainable fundraising program and helped identify opportunities for advancement.

Our prediction for the year ahead is that 2014 will be the year of “Engagement”. Not-for-profits with their ducks in a row will be free to focus on building stronger, more fruitful relationships with their stakeholders. Engagement is all about quality over quantity. It’s about creating relationships that work on multiple levels and facilitate a positive exchange between parties.

Key areas of “engagement” will include:

  • Donor Engagement Influencing loyalty and longevity
  • Leadership Engagement Bringing board and executive volunteers along for the road
  • Online Engagement Effectively utilising new technologies and social media.

OKP has been instrumental in improving the professionalism and performance of the not-for-profit sector over the years.
We look forward to playing a continued role in advancing the industry and organisation we partner, which is why we are working on an exciting new engagement initiative.

Keep an eye on your inbox in early 2014 as we release more details about how your organisation can become involved and reap the benefits.

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