Climate of Concern

Climate of Concern or Environment of Opportunity?

Do you know what impact the economic and political climate will have on your philanthropic efforts going forward?

For some, the current climate will increase the demand on your service. For many the need will remain the same. But, do people still give in challenging and changing times?

To ensure your philanthropic efforts don’t stand still or slip backwards we offer these tips.


  • Set a realistic and inspiring vision
  • Invest in pro-active practical research
  • Revitalise and boost your recognition efforts
  • Focus on fundraising fundamentals and proven strategies…embrace the old & new!
  • Add value to you mass marketing campaign – include a clear & purposeful call to action
  • Increase your stewardship efforts
  • Critically review activities undertaken and benchmark your program performance annually
  • Invest in acquisition – be purposeful and be selective
  • Continue to develop systems and strategies to work & report in a transparent & accountable manner
  • Commit resources and time to measuring success and social impact


The basis of success remains the same, no matter what the economic or political environment; the 4 P’s are paramount.


Know the internal and external landscape your operating within. Incorporate reviews & actively ‘scope out’ opportunities

PlanningThe remainder of the year is crucial. Commit time now to benefit 2014
PrioritiseYour team’s time and areas of activity is essential
PeopleEnsure your program brings together the best talent, capabilities & skill sets and a measurable framework in place

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OKP, April 2013

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