Are You Capital Campaign Ready?

How do you know when the time is right to conduct a capital campaign?

The potential rewards of a capital campaign can make it tempting to jump straight in as soon as an opportunity presents itself. However, a capital campaign is a major undertaking that requires a level of resources, time, energy and commitment that your organisation may not have.

So, how do you know if you organisation is capital campaign ready?

The simple answer is a feasibility study. A feasibility study is a tool used by fundraisers all around the world to determine readiness and maximise opportunities for success.

A study generally involves an examination of your campaign goals, organisational capacity and key environmental factors impacting the proposed project. It often looks at how your organisation is viewed by its stakeholders and identifies potential donors, their inclinations and their capacity to contribute.

Conducting a feasibility study provides valuable intelligence that not only lets you know if you should proceed, but how you should proceed. It will help you to get all of your ducks in a row and design a campaign that minimises wasted resources and maximises contributions.

While it is certainly possible to conduct a feasibility study in-house, using an external resource like OKPand Partners, will allow you to benefit from a fresh and objective perspective, as well as extensive campaign experience. It is a sound investment that will ensure you exploit every opportunity for success and avoid costly and potentially embarrassing mistakes.

For over 30 years OKP& Partners has been guiding clients through the capital campaign process. We have been behind countless successful campaigns raising six, seven even eight-figure sums and broken records in Australia and overseas. Our commitment to building the capacity of the third sector means that we work alongside our clients, upskilling staff, developing leadership and developing resources that provide benefits long after our engagement has ended.

If you are planning (or just thinking about) a capital campaign, we would love to have an obligation-free chat with you about how OKPand Partners can assist you.

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