The Untapped Potential of Women

The Untapped Potential of Women in Not-for-Profits

A recent study in America has suggested that a lack of women in leadership positions is having a detrimental effect on the success of organisations in the not for profit sector.

The study commissioned by The Chronicle of Philanthropy and conducted by the New York University’s George H. Heyman Jr. Center for Philanthropy and Fundraising involved nearly

650 women who work in the not for profit sector. It found that non-profit organisations, especially the largest ones, are missing out on donations from women and failing to reach their full potential by not having more women on the board and in leadership positions.

Specifically it found;

  • Forty-four percent of female non-profit workers think their organisation favours men over equally qualified women for chief leadership positions.
  • Forty percent of women at large non-profits (groups with $25-million or more in assets) said their organisation was missing out on donations from affluent women because it did not put as much effort into cultivating them as affluent men.
  • Thirty-six percent said wealthy female donors were not given the same respect as their male counterparts.
  • 58% of female non-profit workers felt that their organisations could be more effective at raising money from female donors

More highlights from the study are presented in the infographic below;
Women Not-for-Profits


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