Avoid EOFY Panic

How to Avoid the End of Financial Year Panic

If you are anything like me, you probably arrived at work this week, looked and your calendar and thought how can it be June already?

For many, the realisation that the end of financial year is fast approaching, will induce mild panic as they think about all of the tasks undone, objectives unachieved and the fundraising targets not yet reached. However it isn’t too late to get back on track before the 30th of June. Here is our week by week guide to staying calm and making the most out of what time you have left.

Week One: Do a quick analysis of your mid-year appeal (or fundraising income from the last month) in comparison to same time period for the previous year. If your income is down, try and determine where the shortfall is, and consider how you might be able to address it. Perhaps you need to personally call your major donors, send a follow-up appeal letter, find a publicity opportunity or increase your social media presence.

Week Two: Get your staff and volunteers on board with a mid-year review email. Use the email as an opportunity to highlight achievements, thank staff and volunteers for their hard work and share exciting plans for the future. The email can also be used to let staff and volunteers know what they can do to help the organization get back on track and achieve its goals.

Week Three: Make a recovery plan. If it clear that you are not going to achieve the goals you set for the 30th of June, formulate a plan for how you will hit the ground running come the 1st of July. Our article on Christmas Appeal Damage Control (add link http://okp.com.au/christmas-appeal-damage-control/) might give some ideas on how you can address a shortfall in your appeal income.

Week Four: Be prepared to take last minute donations. I once had a client who missed out on a $10,000 donation because they could not accommodate the donor who walked in the door with a cheque at 4:55pm on the 30th of June and wanted it receipted on the spot. Ideally you should provide your frontline staff with donations forms and training to take donations over the phone.

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