Rise of the Mega Gift

Rise of the Mega Gift

Giving Trends has just released the second instalment of its special investigation series examining key issues and emerging trends in the Third Sector.

Rise of the Mega Gift provides an interesting overview of major gift fundraising in Australia and explores the growing phenomenon of the “Mega Gift”. Whether or not, your organisation is currently engaged in major gift fundraising, Rise of the Mega Gift will help you evaluate your position and identify opportunities for growth. You can download your free copy of Rise of the Mega Gift here

The first special investigation in the series, Give, Get or Get-off was very well received and prompted at least one organisation that we know of to change its approach to board engagement. If you missed it you can still download a copy of Give, Get or Get-off here.

The special investigation series will continue in 2015 with a look into the emerging area of cultural fundraising in Australia.

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